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Poison Plants in Las Vegas – Datura

Datura Plant

Growing up, the only plant that my mother ever told me to stay away from was Poison Ivy. When I started to become a casual gardener on the weekends, I became intrigued by the different types of plants and wanted to know what I should and should not plant in my backyard.

One plant that I came across was Datura; living in Arizona for a short time, I became familiar with this particular plant, as it grows mostly in tropical and mild areas, and because they are fairly easy to grow. As a “casual gardener” and more-so a busy lady, I have searched for easy-to-grow plants, and unfortunately, this one will pop up if you search right.

Datura is really quite beautiful, which is annoyingly deceiving! People are attracted by the subtle, beautiful colors that sprout up within a forest of green. They can grow a couple feet high, which is perfect height for your beloved child or dog to get their hands and mouth on! Unless people are educated about the side effects and possible dangers of this plant, they won’t know right from wrong when they see it on the side of the road. Perhaps a tourist will walk by, think “what a pretty plant”, not notice that their dog is snooping around, and then unfortunately have a delirious pup!

Datura Flower

Don’t be fooled by the beauty of these plants. Just by looking at it, you wouldn’t know that this is a poisonous plant. If only it were that simple, if all poisonous plants were flashing red with spikes!

Datura has long been used for poison, and for good reason. You do NOT want to ingest this plant at any time; it will make you completely delirious – you won’t be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. It doesn’t just stop there- your heart rate will increase, you might have abnormal and harmful behavior, you’ll experience an odd version of hypothermia, maybe you’ll lose part of your memory, and you won’t be able to stand light! Your pupils will become so dilated that it will cause extreme pain to look at any light; this can sometimes last for days on end. That sounds like fun, right? The list of side effects could go on for days. For example:

  • Extreme Anxiety
  • Disorientation
  • Loss of time
  • Vertigo and loss of body control
  • Tactile hallucinations
  • interaction with those not present
  • Drying of the throat, eyes, etc.

I’ve always thought these effects to be rather strange and disconnected. However, any sort of drug, especially those as powerful as Datura, can have frightening effects on your mental and physical being. Sadly, Datura is being used for just that reason – maybe it is the latest fad, the coolest drug on the market.


If you ingest this plant, be prepared to get your stomach pumped! If you enjoy trips to the hospital, and supportive oxygen, this may be the plant for you. (I kid.) You are given another drug to help reverse the side effects of Datura. Be prepared to sit in the hospital, sipping on their lumpy ride pudding, for a day or two while the effects (hopefully) wear off.

All you can do is inform and educate, and hope that people listen and keep their eyes open for Datura!

Oh No! It’s Poison Plants in Las Vegas.